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Tutorials aimed at demonstrating how to use PRISM to do: * Contract Compliance Reporting * Labor/Prevailing Wage Reporting * Concession Reporting may be found at the PRISM Vendor Tutorials [
HOW TO REGISTER AS A VENDOR IN PRISM [] First time logging into PRISM? Or, looking to add additional PRISM Users? This video [
Contact your jurisdiction and give them your USER ID.  Once they verify your identity your PRISM User ID will be unlocked and you will be emailed confirmation.
PRISMCompliance Management (PCM) believes that privacy is important to the success and use of the Internet. This statement sets forth PCM's Privacy Statement for the portal and describes the practices that PCM will follow with respect ...
Vendors, Use this template to import your payrolls automatically into PRISM.
The PRISM users guide is a comprehensive manual who's aim is to provide an aid to the PRISM vendor user. It is not intended to replace training. 
THE PRISM PORTAL is the home page of PRISM's vast functionality.  From this portal you can: * Login to PRISM * Visit other PRISM Jurisdictions * View global News, Events, and Workshops * Learn more about PRISM's exciting new features!  ...